Sunday, April 25, 2010

All-Rock & Metal Top 20 Songs-April 2010

Position Song (Artists/Band) (Country)
  1. Coldness (Caravan Of Souls) (Germany)
  2. Coldblood (Tharsys) (Germany)
  3. Ecailles De Lune (Part I) (Alcest) (France)
  4. Crystal (End Of You) (Finland)
  5. Our Failure (Ereb Altor) (Sweden)
  6. Vanitas (Mantus) (Germany)
  7. Dark Rain (The Beauty Of Gemina) (Switzerland)
  8. Wintersun (Brendan Perry) (Ireland)
  9. Unsound Counterpart (Dianoya) (Poland)
  10. Mist (Khoma) (Sweden)
  11. Funeral Train (Merciful Nuns) (Germany)
  12. Leave You To Burn (Rhombus) (UK)
  13. Primitive Kiss (Angels Of Venice Feat. Charles Edward) (USA)
  14. Sjelelaus (Evig Natt) (Norway)
  15. The Human Stain (Crystal Palace) (Germany)
  16. Sigillat (Ataraxia) (Italy)
  17. He Who Paints The Black Of Night (The Vision Bleak) (Germany)
  18. The Dance Of Cleomene (Rajna) (France)
  19. Indignation (Mandrake) (Germany)
  20. K Václavkám (Necrocock) (Czech Republic)