Sunday, October 31, 2010

All-Rock&Metal Top 10 Songs-October 2010-Part III

Position Song (Band/Artists) (Album/ep) (Country)
  1. Binary (Sideris Noctem) (Wait Till The Time Is R.I.P.) (Ukraine)
  2. Nebo Ne Ostavit Tebja (The Sky Will Not Leave You) (Heavenside) (The Sky Will Not Leave You) (Russia)
  3. One More Time (Sweet Misery) (Moths & Candles) (Portugal)
  4. Past Deca (Sole Remedy) (Apoptosis) (Finland)
  5. 24 Hours (Star One) (Victims Of The Modern Age) (Netherlands)
  6. My Sacrifice (Aeon Zen) (The Face Of The Unknown) (UK)
  7. Tide Shift (The Man-Eating Tree) (Vine) (Finland)
  8. Just Watch Me (James LaBrie) (Static Impulse) (Canada)
  9. Morgenstunden (Nebelkorona) (Tannenhochforst) (Switzerland)
  10. Amy (Yann Tiersen) (Dust Lane) (France)

All-Rock&Metal Top 10 Songs-October 2010-Part II (Special Germany-USA)

Position Song (Band/Artists) (Album/ep) (Country)

  1. Eismeer (Letzte Instanz) (Heilig) (Germany)
  2. Comedown (Mono Inc.) (Comedown ep) (Germany)
  3. If I Should Cast Off This Tattered Coat (Sailors With Wax Wings) (Sailors With Wax Wings) (USA)
  4. Core Relations (Intronaut) (Valley Of Smoke) (USA)
  5. Chor Der Toten (Leichenwetter) (Legende) (Germany)
  6. Time (The Beauty Of Drowning) (The Beauty Of Drowning) (Germany)
  7. Die Wahrheit (Traumtaenzer) (Der Weiss Raum) (Germany)
  8. This World Starves For Lonely Girls (Feeding Fingers) (Detach Me From My Head) (USA)
  9. Blue Heart (Deine Lakaien) (Indicator) (Germany)
  10. Fairy Said (Pink Turns Blue) (Storm) Germany)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

All-Rock&Metal Top 10 Songs Part I-October 2010 (Special Female Vocals)

Position Song (Band/Artists) (Album/ep/CDS) (Country)
  1. A Banquet Of Souls (Avrigus) (Beauty And Pain ep) (Australia)
  2. Legacy Of Blood (Semblant) (Last Night Of Mortality) (Brazil)
  3. Don't Fear The Sleep (Dark The Suns) (Don't Fear The Sleep CDS) (Finland)
  4. The Otherworld (Atrocity) (After The Storm) (Germany)
  5. One Wish Away (Katra) (Out Of The Ashes) (Finland)
  6. Shine (Aperion) (Act Of Hybris) (Slovenia)
  7. The Vanishing Act (Black Flower Box) (Sleep Well, Sweet Vendetta) (USA)
  8. From (InDrama) (Timescapes) (Spain)
  9. The Rarest Flower (liv Kristine) (Skintight) (Norway)
  10. My Rescue (Caladmor) Midwinter) (Switzerland)