Thursday, August 19, 2010

All-Rock&Metal Top 20 Songs-August 2010-Part II

Position Song (Band/Artists) (Album) (Country)

  1. Regret (Heaven Grey) (Failing Mist) (Latvia)
  2. Seeds Of Sorrow (Darkseed) (Poison Awaits) (Germany)
  3. The Man Who Would Be King (Iron Maiden) (The Final Frontier) (UK)
  4. When I'm Gone (Amorticure) (A Bleeding Soul In A Dying World) (Germany)
  5. The Secret Language Of Angels (Lisa Gerrard&Marcello De Francisci) (Departum) (Australia/USA)
  6. Ashes (Angra) (Aqua) (Brazil)
  7. The Teeth Of Tomorrow (The Silence Industry) (The Teeth Of Tomorrow EP) (Canada)
  8. The Archives (Dead Poetry) (God Complex) (Germany)
  9. Fallen Orange Angel (Dark Orange) (Clouds, Paperships And Fallen Angels) (Germany)
  10. A Lovely Breed (No Hawaii) (Snake My Charms) (Sweden)
  11. Body-September, Ophelia (Ophelia) (South Korea)
  12. Bring Them To Light (Apocalyptica) (7th Symphony) (Finland)
  13. Sojourner ([aI]) (Ghostlights) (Germany)
  14. Quiet (Suns Of Rapture) (Far Beyond Truth) (Sweden)
  15. Sommer Der Anarchie (Ret Marut) (Sommer Der Anarchie) (Germany)
  16. DisInfoNation (Feeding The Fire) (DisInfoNation) (USA)
  17. Inside (This Drowning Man) (Big Faint Lane) (Germany)
  18. Nightfall (Sub Luna) (Awake!) (Sweden)
  19. We Wait For Them (Sieben) (Starwood Brick Firmament) (UK)
  20. Script Switch Trigger (The Reasoning) (Acoustically Speaking) (UK)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

All-Rock&Metal Top 20 Songs-August 2010-Part I

Position Song (Band/Artists) (Album) (Country)

  1. Sacred Worlds (Blind Guardian) (At The Edge Of Time) (Germany)
  2. Ode An Die Musik (Umbra Et Imago) (Opus Magnus) (Germany)
  3. Black Hole (Nosferatu) (Black Hole CDS) (UK)
  4. Fault Line (O. Children) (O. Children) (UK)
  5. Le Nebuleux Sentier (As Light Dies) (Ars Subtilior From Within The Cage) (Spain)
  6. Transmitter (Ikaria) (Luxembourg) (Germany)
  7. Sun (Haken) (Aquarius) (UK)
  8. Ready To Go, Part 2 (The Black Noodle Project) (Ready To Go) (France)
  9. In Excelsis (Killing Joke) (In Excelsis EP) (UK)
  10. Lady Of Shalott (A Dream Of Poe) (Lady Of Shalott EP) (Portugal)
  11. Obsidian (Remembrance) (Fall, Obsidian Night) (France)
  12. Shades Of Grey (Supercomet) (Final Approach) (USA)
  13. Addicts (Nychtmystium) (Addicts Black Meddle Pt II) (USA)
  14. Imagine A Better World (Iron Fate) (Cast In Iron) (Germany)
  15. The Cold Outside (Lumine Criptica) (Fading Into Darkness) (Argentina)
  16. New Age Dawns (Evemaster) (III) (Finland)
  17. Beholder (Project Pitchfork) (Continuum Ride) (Germany)
  18. Where Dream And Day Collide (Madder Mortem) (Where Dream And Day Collide EP) (Norway)
  19. Outsider (The Lovecrave) (Soul Saliva) (Italy)
  20. A Star-Crossed Wasteland (In This Moment) (A Star-Crossed Wasteland) (USA)