Sunday, July 5, 2009

1- All-Rock Top 30 songs (July 4th-July10th) 2009

Position Song (Artists/Band )

1 Rule The Blood (Callisto)

2 Wild Flower (The House Of Usher)

3 The Colors Of Grey (Diary Of Dreams)

4 A prayer for your heart (Lacrimosa)

5 Beautiful One (Anneke Van Giersbergen)

6 Echoes From A Hollow Soul (My Dying Bride)

7 All my love (The Eden House)

8 Homewar Bound (Hourglass)

9 To die among strangers (Rome)

10 Pale Traces (The Gathering)

11 Sunshower (John Foxx & Robin Guthrie)

12 Shallow Life (Lacuna Coil)

13 Vox Angelica (Die Form)

14 Sirens of the Seven Seas (Sirenia)

15 The swallows spirals through them (Of The Wand And The Moon)

16 The End - Deliverance (Frozen Plasma)

17 Break away (Layment)

18 Descending (Gargamel)

19 Since we've been wrong (The Mars Volta)

20 Greed Of Mankind (Entwine)

21 Verum Aeternus (VNV Nation)

22 The Best Of Times (Dream Theater)

23 Information (Dredg)

24 Two Weeks (Mammoth)

25 Wrong (Depeche Mode)

26 Nothing Left (Delain)

27 Black Vs. White (Apoptygma Berzerk)

28 Les Pantins (Abacab)

29 Dawn Of The Dead (Arts Of Erebus)

30 Archangels In Black (Adagio)

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