Saturday, August 29, 2009

9- All-Rock Top 20 Songs (August 29th-September 4th) 2009

Position Song (Artists/Band) (Last Week Position) (New Entry)

1 Last Sign Of Summer (Ava Inferi) (7)

2 Under The Mourning Rays (Nahemah) (8)

3 Desert Flight (Gazpacho) (6)

4 To Whatever End (The House Of Usher) (5)

5 Silent Sleep (Astra) (1)

6 My Anguish (In Auroram) (15)

7 These Are My Twisted Words (Radiohead) (14)

8 Syd Barrett (Audra) (New Entry)

9 Run Away (Stream Of Passion) (16)

10 A Legacy Of Unrest (Rome) (2)

11 Notes Of Loneliness (Frozen Abyss) (3)

12 A Storm At Will (Trail Of Tears) (18)

13 Once In My Dreams (Saidian) (9)

14 Sense Of Your Life (Phallax) (20)

15 White (Violet) (New Entry)

16 Desperate Graves (Mars Volta) (4)

17 Put Your Spell On Me (Vic Anselmo) (11)

18 Mired (Forest Stream) (New Entry)

19 Secrets Of The Earth (Ghost Brigade) (New Entry)

20 My Destiny (Leaves'Eyes) (10)

1 comment:

Liberty said...

Hello All-Rock Lovers:
This Week: 4 New Entries, 7 down, 9 Up!
Believe me... This week's Chart has took me a lot to make... A big competition!!! Many songs deserve the highest positions and the Number One!!!

Here are some comments of this week Top 20:
Ava Inferi are just excellent and deserve the number one!
Nahemah offer a great mix of almost All-Rock styles!
Gazpacho feel like Muse and are Progressive!
The House Of Usher play a pure instrumental part!
Astra give tribute to Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree!
In Auroram are influenced by Arcana!
Radiohead are... Radiohead and give a good musical introduction!
Audra... play very... very... good the best of Bauhaus and Peter Murphy!
Stream Of Passion & Trail Of Tears are just symphonic and Metal!
Rome... are Neofolk!
Frozen Abyss...offer one of the greatest songs of 2009!
Saidian... are they the Iron Maiden?
Phallax... Metal... Metal...
Violet... or Violet Tears or Dead Can Dance!
Forest stream... russian excellent melodic metal!
Ghost Brigade... a promising song!
Leaves'eyes... are symphonic metal with the beautiful voice of...
Mars Volta... latino progressive metal with some tears!
Vic Anselmo... are cool with beutiful female singing!

Thank you! Waiting for your comments and voting!