Saturday, October 3, 2009

14- All-Rock Top 20 Songs (October 3rd-October 9th) 2009

Position Song (Artists/Band) (Last Week Position) (New Entry)

1 Forsaker (Katatonia) (6)

2 From The Silence (Sylvan) (7)

3 Time Flies (Porcupine Tree) (1)

4 Last Regret (Paradise lost) (12)

5 Hide And Seek (Theatre Of Tragedy) (8)

6 All Secrets Known (Alice In Chains) (16)

7 The Edge Of Illusion (The Silence Industry) (10)

8 Altitude (Autumn) (11)

9 Pussy (Rammstein) (15)

10 Emerald Island (Leaves' Eyes) (2)

11 Meadows Of Desire (Daylight Misery) (17)

12 Sea Of Doubt (Clan Of Xymox) (3)

13 Curious, Yet Ashamed (Black Tape For A Blue Girl) (New Entry)

14 My Haunted Self (Omega Lithium) (New Entry)

15 Perfection? (Arjen Lucassen's Guilt Machine) (5)

16 Lips Of Blood (The 69 Eyes) (New Entry)

17 Away (Icycore) (4)

18 Painted Gold (Claire Voyant) (New Entry)

19 La Push (New Model Army) (9)

20 Gone (Dark The Suns) (13)

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Liberty said...

Hello All-Rock Lovers,

This Week: 4 New Entries; 7 Down; 9 Up!

As you can see and listen, the greatest Rock and Metal Bands make way in this Top and take the highest positions! Katatonia, Porcupine Tree, Paradise Lost, Theatre Of Tragedy, Alice In Chains, Rammstein, Autumn, Leaves'Eyes, Clan Of Xymox...

Please, listen to every song of this week's chart and send me your comments and suggestions!

Chose the song from the 2 Playlists posted!