Saturday, November 14, 2009

20- All-Rock Top 20 Songs (November 14th-November 20th) 2009

This Week: 4 New Entries; 9 Up; 7 Down
Position Song (Artists/Band) (Last Week Position) (New Entry)

Into The Black Light (Ghost Brigade) (7)

The Promise Of Deceit (Katatonia) (4)

My Heart, Your Hands (Dommin) (14)

Imprisonment Of The Mind (Peter Bjärgö) (10)

Unleashed (Epica) (1)

Kärlek Och Skönhet (Diskoteket) (15)

Milorg (Vreid) (11)

Final Breath (Pelican) (13)

In This Light And On This Evening (Editors) (12)

Donaukinder (Rammstein) (2)

11 Utopia (Within Temptation Feat. Chris Jones) (New Entry) 

The Nightmare Goes On (Piano Magic) (3)

13 Summer Days On Holiday (Bad Lieutenant) (20)

Black And White World (Redemption) (6)

15 Adore (Anneke Van Giersbergen & Agua De Annique) (New Entry) 

16 Faith Divides Us-Death Unites Us (Paradise Lost) (5)

Occlusion (Knight Area) (8)

Der Verbotene Ort (Frozen Abyss) (9)

19 Clear (Breathing Space) (New Entry)  

20 People And Their Lives (The Fall Of Troy) (New Entry)


All-Rock said...

Hello Rock & Metal Lovers!
Discover weekly my Top 20 of All-Rock Songs!
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Feel free to comment and to suggest!

This Week:
Ghost Brigade deserve this week's Number 1!
Dommin and Diskoteket make the greatest jump! 2 excellent songs!
Peter Bjargo (of Arcana) is just great with the Dead Can Dance influence!
Epica (Unleashed) are gorgeous!
Vreid are Death, Doom and Progressive!
Pelican are wonderful with their Post-Metal style that I like too much (along with Callisto, A Storm Of Light,Alice In Chains, Ghost Brigade of course...)
Rammstein's Donaukinder didn't make the number 1 this week!
Editors and Bad Lieutenant Punk Rock are doing good!
Within Temptation's acoustic song, Utopia hit the Charts!
Piano Magic with Brendan Perry Of Dead Can Dance sing a ggod melody!
Redemption, The Dream Theater protected Band, are Prog and Metal!
Anneke (Ex-The Gathering) with the song Adore make its new entry this week! Excellent Voice!
Breathing Space with a beautiful female voice are the continuity of Mostly Autumn! So Melodic and Prog!
The Fall Of Troy promise good positions with their Prog Rock Song, People and their lives!
Knight Area, Porcupine Tree followers are ready to leave these Charts!
German Frozen Abyss and Paradise Lost are leaving The All-Rock Charts but they surely promise to make the best positions on this year Top Songs and Albums!

All-Rock said...

Hello again!

Don't forget Katatonia excellent Song, The Promise Of Deceit, which is at Number 2 this week! Give me your comments about it!