Sunday, July 4, 2010

All-Rock&Metal Top 100 Songs-January 2010 to June 2010

Position Song (Band/Artists) (Album) (Country) 

  1. Ignition Of The Grey Sky (Throes Of Dawn) (The Great Fleet Of Echoes) (Finland)
  2. Fallen Reign (The Foreshadowing) (Oionos) (Italy)
  3. Undercurrent (Ihsahn) (After) (Norway)
  4. Coldness (Caravan Of Souls) (Tales Of Destiny Chapter 2-The Darkness Grows Inside)(Germany)
  5. Coldblood (Tharsys) (Under The Dead Hands) (Germany)
  6. Ecailles De Lune-Part I (Alcest) (Ecailles De Lune) (France)
  7. The Light Inside (Serenades) (The Light Inside) (Italy)
  8. (We Are) The Hurting (Shapes Stars Make) (These Mountains Are Safe) (USA)
  9. Nothing Words Can Say (Lord Of The Lost) (Fears) (Germany)
  10. When I'm Dead (Masters Of Dark Fire) (Dead Spots) (Germany)
  11. The Pain Infernal And The Fall Eternal (Mortemia) (Misere Mortem) (Norway)
  12. Crystal (End Of You) (Remains Of The Day) (Finland)
  13. Our Failure (Ereb Altor)  (The End) (Sweden)
  14. Mist (Khoma) (A Final Storm) (Sweden)
  15. Two Voices Surrounding (Helevorn) (Forthcoming Displeasures) (Spain)
  16. Baptism Of Atlantis (The Wounded Kings) (The Shadow Over Atlantis) (UK)
  17. L'Assassin (Rome) (Nos Chants Perdus) (Luxembourg)
  18. I Built Myself A Metal Bird (Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra) (Kollaps Tradixionales) (Canada)
  19. A Simple Mistake (Anathema) (We're Here Because We're Here) (UK)
  20. Vanitas (Mantus) (Demut) (Germany)
  21. The Wise (Wedding In Hades) (Elements Of Disorder) (France)
  22. Dark Rain (The Beauty Of Gemina) (At The End Of The Sea) (Switzerland)
  23. Temptation (Íon(Immaculada) (Ireland)
  24. Under My Skin (Revamp) (Revamp) (Netherlands)
  25. Unsound Counterpart (Dianoya) (Obscurity Divine) (Poland)
  26. Wintersun (Brendan Perry) (Ark) (Ireland)
  27. My Despair (In Strict Confidence) (La Parade Monstrueuse) (Germany)
  28. Iridium (Dark Tranquillity) (We Are The Void) (Sweden)
  29. Soul Surrendered (Signs Of Betrayal) (Symbols EP) (USA)
  30. Geisterliebe (Wintermond) (Desiderium) (Germany)
  31. Funeral Train (Merciful Nuns) (Lib. 1) (Germany)
  32. Towers (Asteroid) (II) (Sweden)
  33. Remember The Time (Joy/Disaster) (StäygÄtôw) (France)
  34. Rise (Gamma Ray) (To The Metal) (Germany)
  35. Leave You To Burn (Rhombus) (Open The Sky) (UK)
  36. Beautiful And Stranger (Charlotte's Shadow) (Under The Rain) (Ireland)
  37. Infinity (Crematory) (Infinity) (Germany)
  38. Ripples (Aspera) (Ripples) (Norway)
  39. Hymn For The Shameless (Alesana) (The Emptiness) (USA)
  40. I Care About (Gree) (Passing Lights) (Germany)
  41. Boarding (Enoria) (Enoria) (Switzerland)
  42. Side (Lacrimas Profundere) (The Grandiose Nowhere) (Germany)
  43. Be A Light To Yourself (De/Vision) (Popgefahr) (Germany)
  44. Beowulf (Valgard) (Elements) (Belgium)
  45. Mint (Zeromancer) (The Death Of Romance) (Norway)
  46. Klagelied (Aschental) (Jiska) (Germany)
  47. The Human Stain (Crystal Palace) (Reset) (Germany)
  48. The Ice King (The Twilight Garden) (A World We Pretend) (USA)
  49. I Think E.T. Is Involved In My Family (Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson) (Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson) (Norway)
  50. Land Of Living Skies Pt.2-The Living Skies (The Besnard Lakes) (The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night) (Canada)
  51. Daddy's Not Coming Home (Sarah Jezebel Diva) (A sign Of Sublime) (UK)
  52. Sternbild (Unheilig) (Grosse Freiheit) (Germany)
  53. Indignation (Mandrake) (Innocence Weakness) (Germany)
  54. Sjelelaus (Evig Natt) (Darkland) (Norway)
  55. Worldwide (Boknagar) (Universal) (Norway)
  56. Morgenroede (Burzum) (Belus) (Norway)
  57. Madness (Myrath) (Desert Call) (Tunisia)
  58. Alone (Poisonblack) (Of Rust And Bones) (Finland)
  59. Absolute Contrast (Shining Fear) (Apocalife) (Italy)
  60. Perfect Evolution Of Humanity (Prospective) (Perfect Evolution Of Humanity) (Germany)
  61. He Who Paints The Black Of Night (The Vision Bleak) (Set Sail To Mystery) (Germany)
  62. Tornado (Jonsi) (Go) (Iceland)
  63. Failing Moon (Worm Ouroboros) (Worm Ouroboros) (USA)
  64. My Sickened Hope (Inner Missing) (The Age Of Silence) (Russia)
  65. Endeavour To Life (Voices Of Destiny) (From The Ashes) (Germany)
  66. Sigillat (Ataraxia) (Llyr) (Italy)
  67. The Dance Of Cleomene (Rajna) (Offering) (France)
  68. Desire (Mastermind) (Insomnia) (USA)
  69. Heal Me Not (Gravemachine) (Heal Me Not) (Norway)
  70. Lakewarm Remains (Dioramic) (Technicolor) (Germany)
  71. Blind For Tomorrow (Reflexion) (Edge) (Finland)
  72. Hold On To Me (Kandia) (Inward Beauty-Outward Reflection) (Portugal)
  73. Wraith (Dark Fortress) (Ylem) (Germany)
  74. Voyeur (Hungry Lucy) (Pulse Of The Earth) (USA)
  75. Illuminated (Blackstar Halo) (Illuminated) (Finland)
  76. March Of The Tripods (Mnemic) (Sons Of The System) (Denmark)
  77. The Last Alarm (Anders Manga) (Infinite Gaze To The Sun) (USA)
  78. Solar Dust (Heleon) (Another Day In Paradise) (Romania)
  79. Hope For The Worst (Blessure Grave) (Judged By 12, Carried By 6) (USA)
  80. There's No End (Magdalen Graal) (Magdalen Graal) (UK)
  81. Requiem (My Friend Skeleton) (Vanitas) (Germany)
  82. Of Words And Raven (The Flight Of Sleipnir) (Lore) (USA)
  83. Crimson Leaves Dance (Dragobrath) (Fra Myrer Taake) (Ukraine)
  84. Rush Minute (Massive Attack) (Heligoland) (UK)
  85. 10 Mile Stereo (Beach House) (Teen Dream) (USA)
  86. Falling From The Sun (The Album Leaf) (A Chorus Of Story Tellers) (USA)
  87. Orion (These New Puritans) (Hidden)  (UK)
  88. Obsession (Sins In Vain) (Enemy Within) (Sweden)
  89. She Rode Me Down (Tindersticks) (Falling Down A Mountain) (UK)
  90. Cold Song (Dperd) (Io Sono Un Errore) (Italy)
  91. For Those Who Wait (Fireflight) (For Those Who Wait) (USA)
  92. Silent Echoes Of Death (Filacteria) (The Rise Of The Lepers) (Puerto Rico)
  93. This Shattered Symphony (Coheed And Cambria) (Year Of The Black Rainbow) (USA)
  94. Cubed (Diorama(Cubed) (Germany)
  95. Gone Too Far (Leonardo)(Armageddon) (Serbia)
  96. Snails And Bones (Wallace Vanborn) (Free Blank Shots) (Belgium)
  97. Run (Six Magics) (Behind The Sorrow) (Chile)
  98. Guilt's A Vector Of Time (Six Degrees Of Separation) (Of Us) (Czech)
  99. I Am The Wooden Doors (Bethroned) (Clash Of Pride) (Croatia)
  100. Tombstone Eyes (Magma Rise) (Lazy Stream Of Steel) (Hungary)


G.Black said...

I can't believe what I see!!

Thank you very's great so be on the 4th place! :) :) :)

All-Rock&Metal said...

Caravan Of Souls from Germany really give us an excellent Doom Metal, and the song Coldness is a great Number 1 song!
The album is one of the best of 2010 so far!
I hope to receive your comments and suggestions frequently, and why not to participate in the making of these charts!

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