Friday, September 17, 2010

All-Rock&Metal Top 10-September 2010-Part II (Special Progressive/Symphonic/Power/Folk)

Position Song (Band/Artists) (Album) (Country)

  1. Children Of The Stone-After The Inquisition (Therion) (Sitra Ahra) (Sweden)
  2. Reign Of Terror (Rhapsody Of Fire) (Frozen Tears Of Angels) (Italy)
  3. Defense Mechanism (Gazpacho) (Missa Atropos) (Norway)
  4. Adamantium (Scythia) (...Of War) (Canada)
  5. Grieving (Atomixynergy) (Vacuum) (Italy)
  6. Breaking The Mirror (Empty Tremor) (Iridium) (Italy)
  7. Runereader (Elvenking) (Red Silent Tides) (Italy)
  8. Phantom Symphony (Iron Fire) (Metalmorphosized) (Denmark)
  9. A Garden Of Delights (Ciccada) (A Child In The Mirror) (Greece)
  10.  Loaded Gun (Fonderia) (My Grandmother's Space Suit) (Italy)

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