Saturday, October 30, 2010

All-Rock&Metal Top 10 Songs Part I-October 2010 (Special Female Vocals)

Position Song (Band/Artists) (Album/ep/CDS) (Country)
  1. A Banquet Of Souls (Avrigus) (Beauty And Pain ep) (Australia)
  2. Legacy Of Blood (Semblant) (Last Night Of Mortality) (Brazil)
  3. Don't Fear The Sleep (Dark The Suns) (Don't Fear The Sleep CDS) (Finland)
  4. The Otherworld (Atrocity) (After The Storm) (Germany)
  5. One Wish Away (Katra) (Out Of The Ashes) (Finland)
  6. Shine (Aperion) (Act Of Hybris) (Slovenia)
  7. The Vanishing Act (Black Flower Box) (Sleep Well, Sweet Vendetta) (USA)
  8. From (InDrama) (Timescapes) (Spain)
  9. The Rarest Flower (liv Kristine) (Skintight) (Norway)
  10. My Rescue (Caladmor) Midwinter) (Switzerland)


All-Rock&Metal said...

Norwegian singer Liv Kristine Espenaes Krull (LEAVES' EYES, ex-THEATRE OF TRAGEDY) will release her new solo album, ''Skintight''

"Skintight" track listing:

01. Skintight
02. Twofold
03. Train to Somewhere
04. Love in Grey
05. Emotional Catastrophes
06. Life Line
07. Boy at the Window
08. Wonders
09. Versified Harmonies
10. The Rarest Flower
11. One Of Them (limited-edition digipack bonus track)

The CD was recorded at Mastersound Studio and the artwork (see below) was created by Stefan Heilemann.

Liv previously stated about the new LP, "My main aim is to release an album which goes directly under your skin, and into your hearts. Being authentic, but perhaps not flawless, is the philosophy I follow artistically. It is not necessary to tune and shape a singing voice when it comes from the heart, from deep within. This is why I chose the title 'Skintight'.

"Most recordings were done 'in one go,' i.e. record a complete song without breaks. Moreover, we've kept and paid attention to the natural processes which take place during singing, like breathing, movements of the lips, emotional expression and strength etc. All this makes the album authentic, real, and direct. The music is played with only a few, however, original instruments.

"[It is] a very down-to-earth album, and absolutely 'real,' like as if you were sitting next to me and I would sing a song to you.

"All songs have been written by Torsten Bauer, and myself. [Liv's husband] Alexander Krull [ATROCITY, LEAVES' EYES] produced the album.

"My lyrics tell about my childhood ('One of Them', 'Wonders'), and my observations of the fast, cold, superficial and grey society of the masses ('The Rarest Flower', 'Boy at the Window').

"'Skintight' is dedicated to the children of this world — our future. Children embody real, true and endless love; love towards nature, and love between human beings.

"This is an album which will open your hearts.

All-Rock&Metal said...

Formed in 2006 in Curitiba, Paraná, the Brazilian band countenance was framed after a few lineup changes and is today considered one of the exponents of Dark / Gothic Metal in the country, still classified by the specialized media as a precursor to the band "Vampiric Metal in Brazil.

Based on compositions and identities, the Semblant went through five Brazilian states by promoting their work and continuously been releasing extreme success with their first official album "Last Night of Mortality," released in 2010.

All-Rock&Metal said...

Atrocity has released details of the upcoming album. The album, entitled "After the Storm," will feature frontman Alex Krull's sister, Yasmim.

Alex Krull comments: "Fans and musicians of the band have been waiting much too long for the continuation of 'Calling the Rain.' Now time has finally come and we just can't wait to let our fans hear and enjoy the new songs. We are incredibly happy with the result. The songs contain great rhythms, the music is sounding very special and organic, moreover, the energetic vocals together with the mythological based lyrics convey a magic atmosphere. Well, once more it's time to take blinkers off! Just listen, and it will take you away!"

"After the Storm" was produced by Alexander Krull at Mastersound Studio. The tracklisting is as follows:

1. A New Arrival
2. Call of Yesteryear
3. After the Storm
4. Silvan Spirit
5. Black Mountain
6. As the Sun Kissed The Sky
7. Transilvania
8. The Flight of Abbas Ibn Firnas
9. Goddess of Fortune and Sorrow
10. The Otherworld
11. Eternal Nightside