Saturday, January 9, 2010

1- All-Rock Top 20 Songs (January 9th-January 15th) 2010

This Week: 5 New Entries; 5 Up; 10 Down; 0 Non-Mover

Position Song (Artists/Band) (Last Week Position) (New Entry)

1 Undercurrent (Ihsahn) (New Entry)

Without End (Dommin) (8)

Tides Of Time (Epica) (9)

Paradigm (Subsignal) (2)

Moses (Elizabeth Fraser) (1)

Wasted (Eye 2 Eye) (14)

Banshee (Anabantha) (15)

8  Push It To The Limit (Missing Tide) (13)

9  Age Of Insanity (Eloy) (3)

Everyman's Forgotten Monday (The Tangent) (4)

11 She Rode Me Down (Tindersticks) (New Entry)

12 Infinity (Crematory) (New Entry)

13 Horst (For Selena And Sin) (6)

Why Don't You Go Away (Ageness) (7)

15 To The Cross (Saint) (New Entry)

16 In A Heartless World (Dawn Of Destiny) (5)

17 Beowulf (Valgard) (New Entry) 

Indian Summer Rain (The Awakening) (10)

19 Dry The Rain (Lord Of The Lost) (11)

20 Tell It From The Mountain (Lisa Gerrard) (12)


All-Rock said...

Hello again Rock & Metal lovers!
This is my first All-Rock To 20 Songs of 2010!
This week, a great song by the band Ihsahn (Undercurrent) is a new entry at number 1!
Tindersticks enter this week's chart with a Folk song!
Crematory with Infinity are here!
The Christian Rockers, Saint make an entry with an impressive song To The Cross!
Valgard sing Death...Metal!
Still from 2009, Dommin, Epica, Eye 2 Eye, Anabantha, Missing Tide...
Hear from you soon!

allrockmetal said...

Hello All-Rock Charts!
Thank you to continue on 2010 the weekly All-Rock Top 20 Charts!
The number 1 is great and deserves its new entry at number 1!
I'm a faithful follower of this Top 20 and I wait every week for the new edition!
Keep going with the latest Rock and Metal songs!
Also, I added your site on my blog page to let others discover and follow these excellent charts!
Really, thank you for the big job!