Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 All-Rock&Metal Top 75 Songs!

Position Song (Artists/Band)

  1. Rule The Blood (Callisto)
  2. Last Regret (Paradise Lost)
  3. Notes Of Loneliness (Frozen Abyss)
  4. Faith Divides Us-Death Unites Us (Paradise Lost)
  5. Into The Black Light (Ghost Brigade)
  6. Forsaker (Katatonia)
  7. Moses (Elizabeth Fraser)
  8. Time Flies (Porcupine Tree)
  9. Battle Hymn (Faith And The Muse)
  10. Unleashed (Epica)
  11. All My Love (The Eden House)
  12. Perfection? (Guilt Machine)
  13. Two Weeks (Mammoth)
  14. The Wind Blew Them All Away (Transatlantic)
  15. Syd Barrett (Audra)
  16. Silent Sleep (Astra)
  17. Last Sign Of Summer (Ava Inferi)
  18. Wild Flower (The House Of Usher)
  19. Der Verbotene Ort (Frozen Abyss)
  20. Emerald Island (Leaves's Eyes)
  21. A Legacy Of Unrest (Rome)
  22. Homeward Bound (Hourglass)
  23. The Promise Of Deceit (Katatonia)
  24. The Colors Of Grey (Diary Of Dreams)
  25. My Heart, Your Hands (Dommin)
  26. Eastern Era (Callisto)
  27. Empathy's Greed (November's Doom)
  28. Indian Summer Rain (The Awakening)
  29. Highest Star (Amorphis)
  30. Secrets Of The Earth (Ghost Brigade)
  31. Pale Traces (The Gathering)
  32. Mired (Forest Stream)
  33. From The Silence (Sylvan)
  34. Imprisonment Of The Mind (Peter Bjärgö)
  35. Run Away (Stream Of Passion)
  36. Sea Of Doubt (Clan Of Xymox)
  37. A Prayer For Your Heart (Lacrimosa)
  38. Descending (Gargamel)
  39. Donaukinder (Rammstein)
  40. Paradigm (Subsignal)
  41. I Am The Revolution (Voyager)
  42. Desperate Graves (The Mars Volta)
  43. For Her Love We Cry (Moonrise)
  44. Echoes From A Hollow Soul (My Dying Bride)
  45. Age Of Insanity (Eloy)
  46. Everyman's Forgotten Monday (The Tangent)
  47. Dry The Rain (Lord Of The Lost)
  48. Tears Of Autumn Rain (Eternal Tears Of Sorrow)
  49. Tell It From The Mountain (Lisa Gerrard)
  50. Desert Flight (Gazpacho)
  51. Apathy Overdose (Ashes You Leave)
  52. Adore (Anneke Van Giersbergen & Agua De Annique)
  53. Vox Angelica (Die Form)
  54. To Die Among Strangers (Rome)
  55. The Best Of Times (Dream Theater)
  56. The Nightmare Goes On (Piano Magic)
  57. New Moon (Swallow The Sun)
  58. Hide And Seek (Theatre Of Tragedy)
  59. Empty House (Autumnblaze)
  60. Under The Mourning Rays (Nahemah)
  61. Is Heaven All That You Hear (Feeding Fingers)
  62. Numbered! (The Devin Townsend Project)
  63. A Storm At Will (Trail Of Tears)
  64. Away (Icycore)
  65. My Anguish (In Auroram)
  66. Tempest (A Storm Of Light)
  67. 100 Burning Guitars (Akanoid)
  68. Substantia (Epochate)
  69. Kärlek Och Skönhet (Diskoteket)
  70. Curious, Yet Ashamed (Black Tape For A Blue Girl)
  71. Black And White World (Redemption)
  72. White (Violet)
  73. Sunshower (John Foxx & Robin Guthrie)
  74. Sirens Of The Seven Seas (Sirenia)
  75.  Shallow Life (Lacuna Coil)

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