Monday, March 22, 2010

All-Rock & Metal Top 20 Songs - March 2010

Position Song (Artists/Band) (Country)

  1. Fallen Reign (The Foreshadowing) (Italy)
  2. Two Voices Surrounding (Helevorn) (Spain)
  3. When I'm Dead (Masters Of Dark Fire) (Germany)
  4. The Pain Infernal And The Fall Eternal (Mortemia) (Norway)
  5. The Wise (Wedding In Hades) (France)
  6. Geisterliebe (Wintermond) (Germany)
  7. Remember The Time (Joy/Disaster)(France)
  8. Mint (Zeromancer) (Norway)
  9. Sternbild (Unheilig) (Germany)
  10. Solar Dust (Hyleon) (Romania)
  11. Angelica (To/Die/For) (Finland)
  12. Absolute Contrast (Shining Fear) (Italy)
  13. My Sickened Hope (Inner Missing) (Russia)
  14. Endeavour To Life (Voices Of Destiny) (Germany)
  15. Failing Moon (Worm Ouroboros) (USA)
  16. Alone (Poisonblack) (Finland)
  17. Desire (Mastermind) (USA)
  18. The Dragon Age (Crowned With Black) (Norway)
  19. This Shattered Symphony (Coheed And Cambria) (USA)
  20. Beautiful And Stranger (Charlotte's Shadow) (Ireland)

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