Sunday, February 28, 2010

All-Rock & Metal Top 20 Songs - February 2010

Position Song (Artists/Band) (Country)

  1. Ignition Of The Grey Sky (Throes Of Dawn) (Finland)
  2. The Light Inside (Serenades) (Italy)
  3. Soul Surrendered (Signs Of Betrayal) (USA) 
  4. Iridium (Dark Tranquillity) (Sweden)
  5. Nothing Words Can Say (Lord Of The Lost) (Germany)
  6. Rise (Gamma Ray) (Germany)
  7. Blind For Tomorrow (Reflexion) (Finland)
  8. Towers (Asteroid) (Sweden)
  9. L'Assassin (Rome) (Luxembourg)
  10. Morgenroede (Burzum) (Norway)
  11. Worldwide (Borknagar) (Norway)
  12. Madness (Myrath) (Tunisia)
  13. Hymn For The Shameless (Alesana) (USA)
  14. Ripples (Aspera) (Norway)
  15. I Think E.T. Is Involved In My Family (Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson) (Norway)
  16. Lakewarm Remains (Dioramic) (Germany)
  17. Land Of Living Skies Part 2 : The Living Skies (The Besnard Lakes) (Canada)
  18. Snails And Bones (Wallace Vanborn) (Belgium)
  19. For Those Who Wait (Fireflight) (USA)
  20. The Ice King (The Twilight Garden) (USA)

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