Saturday, February 6, 2010

5- All-Rock Top 20 Songs (February 6th-February 12th) 2010

This Week: 5 New Entries; 5 Up; 9 Down; 1 Non-Mover

Position Song (Artists/Band) (Last Week Position) (New Entry)

(We Are) The Hurting (Shapes Stars Make) (1)

Baptism Of Atlantis (The Wounded Kings) (15)

I Built Myself A Metal Bird (Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra) (2)

4 The Light Inside (Serenades) (New Entry)

Undercurrent (Ihsahn) (3)

Crimson Leaves Dance (Dragobrath) (9)

Orion (These New Puritans) (10)

8 L'Assassin (Rome) (New Entry)

Obsession (Sins In Vain) (16)

The Last Alarm (Anders Manga) (17)

10 Mile Stereo (Beach House) (4)

12 Iridium (Dark Tranquillity) (New Entry)

13 Falling From The Sun (The Album Leaf) (5)

Rush Minute (Massive Attack) (7)

15 The Ice King (The Twilight Garden) (New Entry) 

16 Madness (Myrath) (New Entry)

March Of The Tripods (Mnemic) (6)

18 I Was Playing Drums (Efterklang) (13) 

19 Silent Echoes Of Death (Filacteria) (8)  

20 I Am The Wooden Doors (Bethroned) (11)  

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All-Rock said...

Hello All-Rock Charts Followers,

5 New Entries this week:
Serenades, from Italy are excellent with this song, ''The Light Inside''! (Dark Gothic Doom Melodic Atmospheric Metal)!
Rome, with their Folk Dark new MCD, L'Assassin,the song ''One Flesh'' hits the charts at 8.
Dark Tranquillity play Dark, Doom, Death Melodic Metal, and the song ''Iridium'' is promising!
The Twilight Garden give us Darkwave performance!
Myrath or Legacy are Oriental Prog Metal Band from Tunisia and the song ''Madness'' is really good!
Still at Number 1 for the second week, Shapes Stars Make (they really remind me of Radiohead)
The Wounded Kings with''Baptism of Atlantis'' are jumping from 15 to 2, will they make the number 1 next week?
Sins In Vain play Female symphonic Metal!
Anders Manga are Industial Darkwave!

I hope that you like these special and researched charts!
I'm waiting for your comments and suggestions!

All-Rock Charts!