Sunday, February 28, 2010

All-Rock & Metal Top 20 Songs - January 2010

Position Song (Artists/Band) (Country)

  1. Undercurrent (Ihsahn) (Norway)
  2. (We Are) The Hurting (Shapes Stars Make) (USA)
  3. Baptism Of Atlantis (The Wounded Kings) (UK)
  4. I Built Myself A Metal Bird (Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra) (Canada)
  5. Beowulf (Valgard) (Belgium)
  6. Infinity (Crematory) (Germany)
  7. 10 Mile Stereo (Beach House) (USA)
  8. She Rode Me Down (Tindersticks) (UK)
  9. March Of The Tripods (Mnemic) (Denmark)
  10. Crimson Leaves Dance (Dragobrath) (Ukraine)
  11. Falling From The Sun (The Album Leaf) (USA)
  12. Orion (These New Puritans) (UK)
  13. Rush Hour (Massive Attack) (UK)
  14. Silent Echoes Of Death (Filacteria) (Puerto Rico)
  15. Obsession (Sins In Vain) (Sweden)
  16. To The Cross (Saint) (USA)
  17. The Last Alarm (Anders Manga) (USA)
  18. I Am The Wooden Doors (Bethroned) (Croatia)
  19. I Was Playing Drums (Efterklang) (Denmark)
  20. Like The Sun (The Bouncing Souls) (USA)

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