Friday, February 19, 2010

7- All-Rock Top 20 Songs (February 20th-February 26th) 2010

This Week: 4 New Entries; 10 Up; 5 Down; 1 Non-Mover

Position Song (Artists/Band) (Last Week Position) (New Entry)

The Light Inside (Serenades) (1)

Iridium (Dark Tranquillity) (5)

L'Assassin (Rome) (4)

Soul Surrendered (Signs Of Betrayal) (10)

Madness (Myrath) (8)

Rise (Gamma Ray) (12) 

The Ice King (The Twilight Garden) (9)

Baptism Of Atlantis (The Wounded Kings) (2)

Hymn For The Shameless (Alesana) (13)

Ripples (Aspera) (15)

Snails And Bones (Wallace Vanborn) (16)

(We Are) The Hurting (Shapes Stars Make) (3)

13 Land Of Living Skies Pt. 2 : The Living Skies (The Besnard Lakes) (17)

14 I Think E.T. Is Involved In My Family (Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson) (New Entry)

15 Towers (Asteroid) (New Entry)

16 Obsession (Sins In Vain) (6)

17 The Last Alarm (Anders Manga) (7) 

18 Lakewarm Remains (Dioramic) (New Entry) 

I Built Myself A Metal Bird (Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra) (11) 

20 For Those Who Wait (Fireflight) (New Entry)

1 comment:

All-Rock said...

Hello All-Rock Followers,

The Post-Rock Genre is rich this week with bands like Shapes Stars Make, Thee Silver Mt.Zion Memorial Orchestra, Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson and The Besnard Lakes!

The Number 1 (The Light Inside by Serenades) is really excellent; Listen to it and enjoy!

Power Symphonic Metal with Gamma Ray, Myrath, Aspera, Sins In Vain and Fireflight are invading these charts!

Asteroid song ''Towers'' is a new entry this week and it promises (Post or Art Metal)!

Dioramic are Goth Metal!

Dark Tranquillity, Rome And Signs Of Betrayal are running for Number 1?

Waiting for your precious comments and suggestions!